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Photo by Gabriel Paredes Reyes


Hello all, my name is Kaitlyn Willard and I am a senior at Millard West. Walking into high school freshmen year, I knew I wanted to involve myself in the journalism department. Since enrolling in Advanced Journalism in my sophomore year, I have had an editor position. My sophomore and junior year I was the features editor. This year, I received the privilege of being named the Editor-In-Chief of the CATalyst Newspaper along with being a co-anchor for the MWHS Wildcat News. Being able to produce stories, broadcasts, a quarterly newspaper and a weekly broadcast show in a timely manner has taught me how to be a better leader and balance myself. Although all the work entailed in journalism can be stressful, the output is always worth it. To see my peers reading a newspaper that I put together is beyond rewarding.


My senior year especially, I have realized that journalism has made such an impact on me; it is what I love to do. I hope to carry all the writing, editing, videography, photography and most importantly leadership skills with me throughout my life. I may know what I want to pursue in life, but I know that journalism will be a part of it. Throughout this portfolio, you will see all the work I have put into my journalism career since my sophomore year. There is plenty of growth, but even more passion in each story. 

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